“The Heritage of Lipnica Murowana”
- a Thematic Walk


“The Heritage of Lipnica Murowana” – a Thematic Walk


In our everyday life, not only do we seek a sense of security, but also a sense of belonging, which enables us to understand both our own selves and the surrounding reality of ‘here and now’. This is possible if we reach to the past, which surrounds us everywhere. It manifests itself not only through material objects, but also through stories, memories, everyday life routines, and rituals related to special events. Buildings are durable traces of the past, while immaterial resources constitute the binder that fills whole narrative with a content and anchors it in the present.

Lipnica Murowana is a unique, although a small town in the centre of the Małopolska Region. Lying in the heart of Wiśnickie Foothills, it is a never ending treasury of cultural and tourist attractions. Situated in the Wiśnicz-Lipnica Landscape Park in the South East area of the Bochnia district, it is a special place not only for its inhabitants, but also for a broad circle of recipients, due to the abundance of traditions and world-class historical monuments. Hence, it is frequently referred to as the land of saints, monuments and Easter palms.

In a moment, you will embark on a journey that will acquaint you with the heritage of Lipnica Murowana. You will learn the history of this place, but—first of all—the people who inhabit it, their stories, traditions and customs. During some stages of this journey, you will be accompanied by several specific persons who are particularly remembered by the citizens of Lipnica and who played an important role in the building of their identity. On each stage, you will be able to discover this little town with your own senses: to smell the wood of which the oldest buildings here are built, admire the colourful flowers that decorate the famous Easter palms, listen to the conversations of the locals, or touch the oldest historical monuments in Lipnica.

The route you enter will allow you to discover Lipnica as seen by its inhabitants every day. Plots concerning the history and heritage of Lipnica Murowana and motifs related to the local saints and their cult places interweave during this walk. The route and the stories of the places you will visit should take you around 1.5 h. You will walk about 2 km.

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