St. Simon’s church


St. Simon’s church

The object you see is currently the only sanctuary in Poland dedicated to this patron. St. Szymon was born in Lipnica around 1435 in a poor but hardworking and pious family. His parents, Anna and Grzegorz, were local bakers. He was baptized in St. Andrew’s church, in a stone baptismal font, which we can observe today. Although no documents relating to his younghood have been preserved, the local tales describe his great piety and eagerness to help others. His father’s purse was always filling up despite the fact that St. Szymon used to give bread loaves to the poor. He is also said to have had the ability to talk with the saints depicted in St. Leonard’s church.

His fame of sanctity lasts since his death in 1482. Until his last days, despite the associated danger, he helped the sick and dying in the royal city grasped by the epidemy of cholera. Although efforts leading to the canonization of Szymon were undertaken in the 18th century, he was raised to the altars yet by Pope Benedict XVI in 2007. The spring that emerged in the 16th century near the St. Szymon’s church is ascribed wonderful qualities due to St. Szymon. It is said to heal various conditions of the eyes and throat, and even infertility. St. Szymon is a patron of mothers awaiting their offspring.


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